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Self Magazine ran this editorial endorsement of the Powerseed in their September issue:

A syndicated Powerseed TV news story ran in major metropolitan cities across the US. You can check out this segment in streaming video or text by clicking on this link...
WBBM-TV Chicago:"Weight-Loss Device Helps Regulate Food Intake"

Bill Curry, creator of the Powerseed System, was interviewed on the Los Angeles
National Public Radio station, KCRW. Click the link below to hear the streaming audio. The Powerseed interview is found after a short lead-in announcement at 33:40 on the time-slider below the picture.
KCRW's Good Food Show with host Evan Klieman

The independent and trend-setting Daily Candy website selected the Powerseed System as their nationally featured innovative new product in late April...
Daily Candy Feature: "Chow and When"


We conducted an online survey of 365 Powerseed owners who had been using the system for two months or longer. Expecting a 10% response (considered excellent for such surveys), we were delighted to receive a 40% return! Here are some of the highlights:
• 85% expressed satisfaction with the product.

• 84% say the Powerseed System is better than other weight control methods they had tried.

(Note: Powerseed owners, click HERE to send us your feedback).


We continue to be thrilled by the supportive feedback we receive from weight control experts and people like you.

As you read the client testimonials below please bear in mind that we aren't implying that these results are typical or that you will experience the same or similar outcomes. Every customer's experience is unique...as yours will be. Now, here's a sampling of this word-of-mouth:

"The verdict is in — restrictive diets don’t work! But if we’ve been overeating, how can we eat less without dieting? One answer is to pay better attention to our hunger and fullness sensations, the body’s natural portion control system. The Powerseed mindful-eating coach is a wonderful new tool to help people detect and act on these natural body signals. The result can be a dramatic reduction in food consumption while still feeling fully satisfied. I recommend the Powerseed to my private practice clients."

Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A.
Co-author with Evelyn Tribole of
Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works
Revised 2nd Edition, 2003, St. Martin's Press

"This system was exactly what I needed. After struggling with weight and my huge appetite all my life, I knew about all about dieting. While I was familiar with the concept of eating slowly enough to recognize the first subtle signs of satiety, I had trouble applying that to real life. I also ate as a response to stress and boredom. Using the little beeper has helped me stay focused enough to recognize when I'm full, so I'm eating FAR less.

Also, practicing the simple methods in the Powerseed manual has helped me defuse many potentially explosive eating binges. The funny thing is, even though I'm technically more disciplined, now, I feel freer than before. My approach to food is joyous; I can eat anything I want because, when I do it mindfully, I want so much less. And my results have been dramatic. My new challenge: what to do with all these leftovers?"

Jennifer Fossum, Salt Lake City, UT

"I love the Powerseed. I work in an ER and we are always rushing to do everything. I never realized how fast I had started eating. I find that I enjoy slowing down especially while eating. At work I still have to gulp food whenever I can find a second, but at home is total leisure."

Connie Sauceda, Carol Stream, IL

"Powerseed is well-named. It's a powerful seed to growing a life in which food and eating return to what they are naturally and normally: a joyful part of every human being's birthright.

In America we are overfed, undernourished, and utterly clueless about what eating naturally might even feel like. What ought to be simple --- nourishing ourselves, giving ourselves sensual pleasure and "connection" ( with each other, as when we break bread together, and with the earth itself, from which comes the grain to make that bread) --- has become complex, contradictory, and pathological. An emphasis on excessive thinness coupled with widely promoted, widely available fast food bombs, have brought many people to a state of emotional self-loathing coupled with the physical ills of obesity.

Powerseed helps us remember what real hunger and real satisfaction are. And it does this without that exercise in self-punishment known as "dieting." Powerseed's great gift is saying a wholehearted YES to something that is so important a pleasure to life, indeed, on which life depends, instead of the yes-no-maybe-I-really-shouldn't of restrictive eating regimes. A simple, profound tool of self-awareness, its approach could cause a quiet, happy revolution around food and eating. Powerseed gently welcomes us to health, joy, and being able to taste, indeed, luxuriate in, every single bite, guilt-free."

Crescent Dragonwagon,
James Beard Award-winning cookbook author
The Passionate Vegetarian
Saxtons River, VT

"Your system specifically addresses two of my issues: eating too fast and eating even though I am not physically hungry. I have used your system for the past few days and saw an immediate difference in the speed with which I ate and in my awareness of my satiety status. Of course this resulted in eating less! I am ecstatic that your system keeps me focused—something that I have not been able to do consistently on my own. The immediate change in my behavior also caused my motivation to soar!"

Susan Williams, Yorktown, VA

"Thank you for creating this exciting breakthrough product! The PowerSeed has made me realize that we are all like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. All along she had the ruby slippers and could go home with just three clicks of her heels. Mindfulness is to eating as those ruby slippers were to Dorothy. It’s the magic power that everyone has — but no one bothered to tell us. With the PowerSeed eating coach and your mindful-eating strategies, my profession now has a great toolkit to help people better manage their minds from moment-to-moment.

Change is hard! As an experienced nutritional counselor with almost 20 years of experience, I've come to realize that no matter what I teach people, it won't make any difference until they become truly mindful of their eating. It takes more than just keeping food diaries to become aware of our habits. Diet logs are helpful but too often their focus is solely on calories and fat content. They completely fail to teach people how to be aware of the food and their level of hunger or fullness as they eat.

Using the PowerSeed to teach mindfulness as part of a weight loss program allows people to see the next bite, the next step, the next moment. This focus on being attentive during a meal allows people to detect when they are no longer hungry and quit eating sooner—even if there is food left on their plate. I predict the PowerSeed will become an essential tool for people seeking healthier lifestyles. "

Megrette Fletcher, M. Ed., R.D., C.D.E., West Nottingham, NH
Co-founder and Executive Director, The Center for Mindful Eating
The Center for Mindful Eating

"After using the Powerseed my husband and I are simply amazed at how our eating habits used to mimic sharks in a feeding frenzy!"

Barbara Uechi, Kailua-Kona, HI

"I had to write and tell you how much I love and depend upon my powerseed. I don't go anywhere without it, it is part of my everyday routine. This unique tool has been a tremendous help to me in my journey thru weight loss. On November 11, 2003, I had bariatric surgery. I remember my doctor reiterating the fact that I had to eat slowly, chew my food to mush, etc. Well I am a fast eater, always have been and that was one of the hardest thing for me to do.

One day I received a complimentary copy of "ObesityHelp" magazine. That was one of the greatest things to happen to me. Inside I found the ad for the powerseed system. My husband thought it was a waste of money but I sent for it any way. It has changed my life. I eat after the beep or light (whichever mode I have it in) and I have slowed down my eating so much that I don't have trouble with worrying about stretching out my pouch or overeating. When I hear the double beep I wait a couple of minutes to see if I'm still hungry and 9 out of 10 times I'm full.

The funny thing now is my husband (who thought I was wasting my money) always makes sure I have my powerseed. He is sold on it. The little books sent with the powerseed are wonderful for behavior modification which is a must with any weight loss whether with bariatric surgery or just plain dieting. I tell everyone I know about this product because I believe in it because of what it has enable me to do. It's hard to believe that something so small and unobtrusive could be so powerful. Thank you Bill Curry [inventor/developer]."

Dianne Carroll, Fresno, TX

"As a Registered Dietitian I write training materials on weight management. I am skeptical when it comes to new weight loss products, but the Powerseed is an exception. I have personally used this tiny eating coach and I recommend it to clients and associates. I'm amazed how it helped me reduce my food intake while still allowing me to feel satisfied. I think it would be particularly helpful for people who have problems with portion control, rapid eating and/or food cravings."

Pam McCarthy, R.D., St. Paul, MN

"Since starting on the Powerseed System I am happier than I have been in a long time with my eating. I don't feel any guilt or shame. And somehow, without any effort on my part, changes are just happening. Cravings for sugar have dropped away. Portions are smaller. Mealtime has become a time of true relaxation and pleasure, rather than tension and anxiety. Actually, I can say that I am calmer overall. Maybe timing IS everything. Turning over the pace of my eating to an objective, outside, impartial "minder" is giving me the freedom to let go and enjoy!"

Valerie Tate, Silver Spring, MD

"I just received the Powerseed and I am so impressed! First of all, I wanted to thank you for the prompt, personal service. I truly appreciated your time and concern, I am not used to such exceptional customer service, and from the creator himself! The product and the accompanying literature are absolutely wonderful. You definitely have a gift for helping others become more in-tune with their bodies' inherent wisdom. I am so looking forward to implementing the advice and the guidance of the Powerseed in my daily progress in becoming a more centered, healthy person.Thank you again, I know I will be recommending the Powerseed to many loved ones!"

Julie Etter-Heal, Show Low, AZ

"Everyone, no matter what size they are, should give consideration to how what they are choosing to eat impacts their health and well-being. The PowerSeed system is designed with the intention of leading the user to mindful eating - an awareness of what you are consuming and why. It encourages you to make intelligent choices based on what you want to achieve.

This isn't about any particular diet, obsession over calories, restrictions, or deprivation. It is about living a balanced life, using the PowerSeed as a tool to help you achieve better health. You make the decisions about what is best for you, then use this tool to incorporate those needs into your life. I am happy to recommend this product as a tool for improving your health at any size."

Judy Sullivan, Size Acceptance Advocate, Lynnwood, WA

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