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The Powerseed Intentions Checklist
Keeps You on Course

The Intentions Checklist is designed to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life and verify your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. You invest two minutes each day to create a valuable indicator of your progress with the Powerseed weight control system.

To use your checklist, enter the current month at the top of a page. At the end of each day, put a dot or a check in the box under each intention you realized. Extra columns are provided for your personal intentions.

While each checked intention box is evidence of your triumph over mindless living, the checklist is not a scorecard for judging whether you have been “bad” or “good.”

Think of it as a shorthand tool to keep your intentions in focus day in and day out, through the year. "Did I meditate this a.m.? Eat breakfast mindfully? Lunch? Dinner? Exercise? etc."

The list is the size of a wallet check register and it holds a year of data. It's a great tool to track the general trend of your mindfulness practice..."I see I've been slipping lately; I'll need to place some more emphasis on being mindful tomorrow." The checklist is not for everyone but many find it very helpful.

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The Powerseed Intentions Checklist Keeps You on Course
Weight Control Philosophy
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