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The Powerseed Mindful Eating Guide<br>
Learn how to eat less, enjoy more...<br>
Without dieting!

The 112-page Guide is the heart of the Powerseed System. It provides you with a menu of strategies to personalize your lifestyle change program and reform your eating.

The Powerseed Guide has three major sections. "Preparing the ground" shows how to set up a positive mental framework for making a lifestyle shift; the "brain-change strategies" section details concrete methods to get your mind and body working as a team; and the supplemental "FYI" section describes the science behind our system.

The life-change concepts shared in the Guide are not complicated but its essential to understand how the system works. Investing some the time to read the guidebook with mindful attention will maximize your benefits of using the Powerseed.

If you are still "kicking the tires" about getting a Powerseed and want detailed information about the program, consider buying the Guide separately to check it out. There's lots of helpful information on making those hard lifestyle changes which will be of interest whether or not you purchase a Powerseed.

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The Powerseed Mindful Eating Guide
Learn how to eat less, enjoy more...
Without dieting!

Weight Control Philosophy
Healthy Weight Principles
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