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A New Approach - REALLY!

The Powerseed mindful-eating system is a psychological approach to lifestyle change and weight management. Moreover, the Powerseed is a tool for anyone wanting to improve their health regardless of body size. This is not a restrictive diet program. We're not concerned with the details of nutrition and physiology. Our research shows that the vast majority of people struggling with weight problems know a great deal about what experts say they should be eating.

We believe that the major dilemmas of weight control lie between our ears, not on our plate. That's why the Powerseed System is designed to support better weight management,
no matter what eating program you follow.

Food is not the enemy. It's one of the necessities and great joys of life when it's not abused. The Powerseed System encourages you to enjoy eating, and eat as much as you need to satisfy your physiological hunger.

The Powerseed weight control method is based on a new, scientifically developed explanation of human behavior called Perceptual Control Theory, or PCT. The 112-page Powerseed Guide explains more about PCT, and how some of its important insights guide our program.

Our system teaches you how to plant, nurture and grow new seeds of personal power in your life. Using this approach, you can turn your back on the depressing yo-yo cycle of dieting and embark on a new path toward long-term health and happiness.

HOW IT WORKS (continued): Rewire your brain
Weight Control Philosophy
Healthy Weight Principles
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