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Our  Weight  Control  Philosophy

Powerseed Systems is intent on marketing its products in a professional, non-exploitative manner that supports our core mission of enabling healthy living.

In our view, long-term weight control is a by-product of intentionally living a happy, healthy and balanced life each day—it’s not about obsessively looking in a mirror, skipping meals or judging oneself by a number on a scale.

Women, in particular, have been sorely abused by deceptive, quick fix weight loss marketing practices. Restrictive dieting for weight loss has been shown to be unsustainable for most people over the long term and, in many cases, the cause of weight GAIN for chronic dieters. The pop culture’s preoccupation with thinness as a measure of self-worth has also contributed to widespread anxiety, self-loathing and body dismorphia among women.

Given this history of mistreatment, we intend Powerseed’s message to be thoughtfully distinguished from the pitches of diet hucksters who exploit fears and negative beliefs about our bodies. This means that we don’t use before-and-after shots with their implicit message that weight loss is easy or that "You too can have this body". Instead, we value positive lifestyle changes in whatever form they appear. Definitive studies have shown that even small, sustainable reductions in body weight confer important health benefits regardless of body size.

The Powerseed message is inclusive and non-judgmental. Respect for human diversity implies acceptance of a variety of body sizes, and the acknowledgement that each person is treading a unique path with challenges unknown to us. Seeking health at any size is a laudable intention.

To cultivate inner balance on the topic of body weight, we advocate unconditional acceptance of our wonderful bodies as they are. This also means we encourage a light-hearted spirit of moderation and resilience instead of compulsive perfectionism.

Semantics also matter: The siren term "weight loss" has become inextricably tainted with the nightmares of restrictive dieting. We use other phrases like "long-term weight control", "natural weight management" and "healthy lifestyle" to convey a positive, holistic, day-by-day approach. Use of the adjective "non-diet" further distances our program from negative associations with dietary deprivation.

While we promote the mindful enjoyment of nutritious,
delectable foods, we don’t dictate what our clients should eat. Radical dietary changes are usually unsustainable. The Powerseed mindful eating techniques can help people eat less while still feeling satisfied—regardless of their food choices. As clients focus on creating healthier lifestyles, their food preferences may gradually evolve in more nutritious directions.

Finally, we believe that a healthy mind and body needs a daily gift of vigorous activity. This is an essential, non-negotiable requirement for fitness and weight control—again, regardless of body size. For those who have been inactive, we urge phased activity programs such as walking and gentle forms of yoga that respect size issues and physical capacity.

Bill Curry
Powerseed Systems
Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Weight Control Philosophy
Healthy Weight Principles
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