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How It Works

The Powerseed lifestyle change system helps you to eat more slowly, savor your food, avoid thoughtless snacking, and most importantly stop OVEReating when you are no longer hungry.

The result: You eat less food while still feeling fully satisfied and without restrictive dieting. These mindful-eating methods are fully explained in the 112-page Guide to Your Powerseed System.

The tiny, patented Powerseed coach is the key tool of our system. This little mindfulness assistant travels comfortably in your pocket or purse, so it's always available throughout your day. Stylish and simple-to-use, the Powerseed produces silent visible signals or soft audible tones to discreetly coach you through your weight control strategies.

The Powerseed mindful eating system coaches you to:
  • Slow your eating and savor your meals
  • Reduce food intake without dieting
  • Head off impulsive food cravings
  • Stop negative thoughts
  • Set up your day and calm your mind
  • Focus on your weight control intentions
  • Exercise regularly and hydrate your body
  • Monitor your daily successes
  • Feel good about yourself!

HOW IT WORKS (continued): Here's one example. . .
Weight Control Philosophy
Healthy Weight Principles
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